2019 EVENTs

2019 Events Information

In 2019 the Australian Stock Dog Spectacular will be comprised of 16 events and a dog sale held over 9 days from Saturday 26th October to Sunday 3rd November 2019 making the event not only the largest and richest Working Dog Event in Australia but also around the world. There will be both cattle and sheep dogs competing over 8 days, for in excess of $75, 000 in prize money. The Futurity and Open dog sale will be held on the last Sunday of the event. All pups sold through the futurity sale will be eligible to compete in any of the futurity trials in 2020. All pups will be DNA sampled and micro chipped before sale.


2019 ASDS Open Cow Dog Challenge

2019 ASDS Cow Dog Futurity

2019 ASDS Cow Dog Derby

2019 ASDS Open Short Head and Yard Cattle Dog Trial

2019 ASDS Ladies Cow Dog Buckle

2019 ASDS Youth Cow Dog Buckle

3 Sheep

2019 ASDS Open 3 Sheep Challenge

2019 ASDS 3 Sheep Futurity

2019 ASDS Open Short Head and Yard Sheep Dog Trial

2019 ASDS Youth 3 Sheep Buckle

2019 ASDS Ladies 3 Sheep Buckle


2019 ASDS Open Yard Dog Challenge

2019 ASDS 3 Sheep Futurity

2019 ASDS Ladies Yard Dog Buckle

2019 ASDS Youth Yard Dog Buckle


2019 ASDS All Round Stock Dog

2019 ASDS High Point Kelpie (over 3 opens)

2019 ASDS High Point Border Collie (over 3 opens)


2019 ASDS Junior Trial


2019 ASDS 2 year old series (NSW and QLD)


2019 ASDS Futurity Dog Sale

2019 Victor Moor Memorial Vendor Incentive

2019 ASDS Open Working Dog Sale

GARU 2020

2109 GARU ASDS Cattle Dog Trial (finalists from 2018 ASDS open)

2019 GARU ASDS 3 Sheep Dog Trial (finalists from 2018 ASDS open)

2019 GARU ASDS Yard Dog Trial (finalists from 2018 ASDS open)

2019 Events

Cow Dog Challenge

This year the ASDS will be welcoming back the Cow Dog Challenge. Last year saw 216 entries into this challenge so 2019 is sure to be another exciting year.

Stock Dog Futurity

The Australian Stock Dog Futurity Trial is one event that we are very excited to bring you.

3 Sheep Challenge

A 3 sheep dog trial open to all dogs, scored by 2 judges, judging from separate positions, over 4 days.

Yard Dog Challenge

This Challenge is open to all dogs. Competition is over 3 rounds, under cover in the sale arena.

2019 Sale

The 2019 Australian Stock Dog Spectacular Futurity and Open Sale will be held on Sunday 3rd November.

Sires Showcase

The 2018 Australian Cow Dog Challenge has set a high standard to follow.