About asds

Australian Stock Dog Spectacular

The Australian Stock Dog Spectacular was the dream of a small group of passionate individuals who aspired to showcase the Australian working dog and it’s  versatility whilst promoting the breeding, training and welfare of these iconic dogs on an international stage.

The first Australian Stock Dog Spectacular was held in 2017 in Tamworth, NSW in the form of an annual dog sale and trial bringing this dream to life. Since the inaugural event at the World Class Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre (AELEC) in 2017, The Australian Stock Dog Spectacular (ASDS) has grown from strength to strength becoming the largest and most prestigious event of its kind in the world.

From its humble beginnings, of a 3 day event with just under 170 entries in 2 events and a neat 100 dogs offered for sale, The excitement and support for the event quickly spread like fire seeing the 2018 event receive over 450 entries in 11 events held over a whopping 8 days. The Dog sale itself also attracted a greater number of dogs offered and sold at the sale from the previous year.

In 2019 the ASDS will again expand to accommodate the growing interest and support of its competitors and fans. This year the event will run over 9 days with the addition of 5 new events and an expected increase of sale dogs, competitors, seminars, traders and community engagement.


To promote the breeding, training and welfare of the Australian working stock dog.
Bred to work, trained to trial!


A number of short seminars are to be held through the week for education and public interest.


Nominations for all 2019 events will be online this year. For those needing assistance, Kerrie (0429 726 023) will be available to help you through the process.

Sires Showcase

A new event that we think has promise is the Sires Showcase. The aim of this event is to promote any commercial stock dog sires that may be trialling, retired or never been off the farm. A lot of sires available have only ever been seen by a limited number of people. This is the opportunity to display the quality of the old and new genetics that are available throughout the industry.

The sires nominated for this event will be:
  • featured in our newsletter “NOSE 2 TAIL”,
  • presented on our website and Facebook page
  • shown on banner of our event live stream
  • pictured in our sale catalogue and
  • Worked or paraded in a special event, prior to the Ladies Buckle.
For the price of a service fee, the Sires Showcase will give excellent coverage of these sires, to the people that want to see them. Numbers are limited.